About Us

The Idea
Albany Limited was established in 2004 bringing together a wealth of experienced investors with diverse academic backgrounds .This recipe has provided a very strong foundation on which we continue building on in providing our quality products and services to our customers.  The Company is mainly involved in the distribution of Premium Table Water and Bakery products

Our units are headed by professionals with a good track of achievements. This solid personnel structure has provided immeasurable strength in this world of challenges and we continue to rely on it to meet our customer needs.

The Products

Albany Premium Water is naturally purified through the natural filtration process, which is further enhanced by most advanced state of art technology of reverse osmosis, plus filtration through carbon, and UV light treatment makes Albany Premium Water "So Pure, So Safe, So Clear that you can see through the Label". Albany Premium water is certified and approved by NAFDAC .

Substantial resources both in material and time have been committed towards development and provision of this product.  It is of interest to note that our plant is a state of art Modern Technology of its own kind and operating at less than half of its full capacity.

This is a confirmation of the commitment of the investors and management regarding a guarantee of supplying the local and international market with a quality product now and in the future in whatever quantities that may be required.

Other than the excess capacity provided by our water processing plant, we have also committed substantial resources in our product distribution network.  We have a fleet of branded motor vehicles, which assist in reaching our customers ranging from half tonne pickups to 18 tonne trucks.

Because of this capacity we are able to supply our product in most corners of our country.


Albany bread is a world class bakery specializing in a wide variety if delicious and healthy breads. We strongly believe in quality and have a distinct emphasis on health and vitality using the finest ingredients giving its distinguished fresh taste. Our Bakery products are bromate free.

Albany bread was commissioned with the prime objective to manufacture and deliver good quality and affordable bread to consumers. As we all know that bread forms a vital part of a balanced diet